Metronomik announced that No Straight Roads has now been delayed to “later in the summer” instead of releasing on June 30 (via PlayStation LifeStyle).

Director Wan Hazmer broke the news in a video posted to Facebook. “Based on recent information, due to the complications that arose from the global pandemic that we’re facing today, we’ve had to make the heartbreaking decision to delay the release of the game until later in the summer,” he explained. 

Although No Straight Roads will be listed with a launch date of August 31 on various retailers, that isn’t actually when the game will release. This is a “placeholder date,” said Hazmer, and once the developer resolves these issues, it will communicate an update on the game’s status.

No Straight Roads is a technicolour musical action game, following two indie rock band musicians, Mayday and Zuke, who battle the EDM empire NSR for its homogenising influence over the music industry. “While No Straight Roads isn’t a rhythm-action game, listening to the music can be critical to mastering the combat,” said Hazmer earlier this year. “This means that while enemies attack to the beat, players can attack, parry, jump and move freely in action-packed third-person combat, while listening out for cues to dodge enemy attacks.”

No Straight Roads launches for PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One in summer. 

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