New Prey 2 info has hit the internet after a preview from Gamereactor magazine was translated and posted on NeoGAF.

First up is confirmation that the main character isn't the first game's Tommy, but Killian Samuels. He's a sheriff and prison guard who's able to perform Parkour moves.

Developer Human Head said: "If the first Prey was the Luke Skywalker version of the story, Prey 2 is Bobba Fett's story."

According to the Prey 2 producer, the game has been "heavily inspired by Mirror's Edge, but also Mass Effect, Riddick and Blade Runner."

Gamereactor notes that Killian is as flexible and limber as Mirror's Edge's Faith, able to leap over stuff, hang by his arms from pipes, balance on thin boards and jump up structures like a cat.

Perhaps the most surprising element is that Prey 2 won't feature any multiplayer gameplay, a facet of the FPS genre now seen as the norm.

"Who would pick the multiplayer mode of Prey 2 ahead of the one in, for example, Halo Reach?" explained the game's producer. "We'd rather do a really good single-player adventure."

Prey 2 will be released for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in 2012.

The point of trying to compete with Halo and other top-end multiplayer titles is a fair one, but the lack of a multiplayer mode means everything rests on the quality of the campaign.