One game everyone wants to get some info on is 2K's BioShock 2. We grabbed Markus Wilding, International PR director, 2K, at E3 for a quick chat in order to try and squeeze some juicy details out of him.

When asked if there's any update on BioShock 2 he said:

"There's not. There will be, obviously, but it will take a while. We're not talking about it just yet because right now it's BioShock PS3 - that's what everybody is concentrating on. Once we're in full effect on BioShock 2 we'll talk about it."

So, when will 2K start talking about the highly anticipated sequel?

"The only thing I can say for sure is not before BioShock PS3 ships," said Wilding.

So, with BioShock PS3 due for release in October, perhaps we'll get a pre-Christmas look at BioShock 2. Here's hoping.