Nintendo and the charity Dogs Trust have formed a strategic partnership to help potential dog owners to recognise the time and commitment required to care for a dog. Dogs Trust never destroy a healthy dog and currently care for over 12,500 dogs each year. Nintendo hope that Nintendogs will encourage potential dog owners to test their ability to care for a dog before taking the leap to a real life dog.

Adrian Burder, Dogs Trust Marketing Director, said: "Dogs Trust is pleased to be associated with 'nintendogs'. The philosophy behind the game has a lot in common with our own aims of ensuring that every dog is a happy and loved pet. Despite the fame of our A Dog is For Life slogan, thousands of dogs are still abandoned and unwanted every year, so it's great that there's a game that is not only fun to play, but supports the message that responsible dog ownership means more than giving your dog an occasional stroke."

The partnership will see marketing begin in August running through to December and will include on-pack branding and fund raising initiatives. Nintendo will also be calling on fans to sponsor a dog.

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