The Nintendo NX will be a portable system with removable controllers and the ability to dock to a base station and output to a TV, multiple sources have told Eurogamer.

The size of the mobile device, including screen information isn't known.

At the heart of the NX is - allegedly - an Nvidia Tegra mobile processor, with Digital Foundry stating that the Tegra X1 chip is currently found in the NX development hardware. Whether this could be updated to the X2 - a somewhat unknown part - remains to be seen.

The Tegra X1 is certainly a capable chip, able to deliver 1080p gaming in its Nvidia Shield incarnation, though Digital Foundry suggests a 720p display may be used on the handheld. Potentially, then, we could be looking at performance somewhere ahead of PS3 and Xbox 360, but considerably behind PS4 and Xbox One.

Sources state that the NX will utilise game cartridges after Nintendo toyed with the idea of a digital-only device. Nintendo is believed to recommend a 32GB version of the game carts, somewhat lower than the 50GB capacity offered by PS4 and Xbox One Blu-ray discs.

Backwards compatibility also appears to be a no go, with "radical" changes to the internal tech meaning Nintendo has no intention of supporting older games.

NX launch planning is also said to be moving at pace, with the system reportedly set to be revealed in September alongside a simple marketing message of playing your games anywhere.

Nintendo offered no comment on the Eurogamer report.

Source: Eurogamer