With Sales of the Wii slowing there's been plenty of talk about how Nintendo can rejuvenate the platform. One option is to cut the price of the console, but another would be to change what it offers with the console - changing the bundled Wii Sports for another game.

Well, Nintendo isn't keen on cutting the price of the Wii and according to Nintendo of Canada's Matt Ryan it won't be changing what's in the Wii box either.

"The long-term plan is difficult to say, but I can tell you that there are no plans to make Wii Sports Resort what is packed in with the Wii purchase," Ryan told Toronto Thumbs. "What is in the Wii box will remain the same."

Ryan also explained why such a move won't happen, calling Wii Sports Resort "full-on software that you're used to purchasing at retail at that price point," while he said the original Wii Sports is "designed to show off what the Wii Remote can do".

Via Joystiq