Nintendo has revealed the summer line-up for both the Wii and Nintendo DS, including the release of Pokemon Platinum, Punch-Out and the launch of the DSi.

Nintendo will launch the Nintendo DSi across Europe on April 3. The latest iteration of the handheld will be compatible with existing DS software and will also offer access to the new DsiWare channel to download games directly to the console.

April will also see Wii Points re-branded as Nintendo Points. Points will be available to buy from the Wii Shop Channel, DSi Shop and through retail as 1000, 2000 and 3000 Points cards.

As far as new software goes, DS gamers can look forward to Rhythm Paradise on May 1 and Pokemon Platinum on May 22. Rhythm Paradise is described as light hearted and engaging with no difficult rules or controls. Players will use the stylus to tap, flick or slide the Touch Screen in time with a rhythm or cue. Pokemon Platinum features the new Wi-Fi Plazza where players can connect wirelessly with up to 20 players can play games together in real-time over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The game also features many legendary Pokemon, including one of the most unusual and highly popular Pokemon, Shaymin.

Confirmed Wii titles set for release this summer include Punch-Out! In May, and New Play Control! Versions of Pikmin 2 (April 24) and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (June). There's no word on a European release date for the animal-based Excite Trucks sequel, Excitebots: Trick Racing.