by on Apr 22, 2008

Next-gen Prince of Persia to be called Prodigy?

Video game designer Jordan Mechner, the creator and owner of the Ubisoft published Prince of Persia game franchise, has filed to protect the trademark Prince of Persia Prodigy in relation to “game software and electronic game programs; electronic game software for mobile phones, personal digital assistants, and handheld computers”.

Eagle-eyed trademark specialist Trademork, which noticed the filing, speculates that Prince of Persia Prodigy might be the name of the next-gen sequel to the Sands of Time trilogy, following The Sands of Time itself, Warrior Within and The Two Thrones.

Back in January, we brought you the news that Ubisoft had announced plans to launch a new Prince of Persia game some time in 2008-2009 and that rumours as far back as 2006 pointed towards a prequel. Could Prince of Persia Prodigy be it?

And don’t forget, there’s a live action Prince of Persia film due to begin shooting in Morocco this summer, although we doubt Prodigy will be the name chosen for the movie.

We’ll bring you word from Ubisoft UK as soon as we get it.


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