The latest Gamma pack contains a new craft called the Van Uber, which is very agile but quite tricky to control. The new track, Sebenco Peak, is set in the mountains, and you also get a nice new Feisar Team skin.

Downloading the pack is easy on either your PSP or PC. Those who have access to a wireless router or hotspot can download the content directly onto their PSP using the in-game menus, but don't worry if you don't have wireless access as you can download the pack onto your PC from and then transfer to the PSP using a USB cable.

This, the third Gamma pack, completes the series and unlocks the Gamma Tournament as well as the Descension Tournament, which includes Gamma, Alpha and Beta tracks all in reverse order.

This is far from the end for downloadable content with Classic 2 pack coming on August 1st.