Warriors All-Stars, the one-versus-thousands game that could be blithely described as the Koei Tecmo Smash Bros., has a new trailer showing off some of the characters in the Tamaki Clan. 

Princess Tamaki, the pig-tailed fox in the screenshot, is joined by Dynasty Warriors heroes Zhao Yun, Wang Yunaji, Zhou Cang and Lu Bu (he who must always be fled from), Oka, Tokitsugu and Horo from Toukiden, Sophie and Plachta from Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Book, and Opoona from Opoona.

The champions of Warriors All-Stars all end up in princess Tamaki's land after she performs a summoning ritual in the hopes of saving her kingdom, which is in dire need (as kingdoms are often wont to be). The champions become divided into three factions: Tamaki's, and those of Setsuna and Shiki (also royal descendents trying to ascend the throne).

Your choices in the game will determine what course the story takes, including a new Bond system: warriors become more friendly by fighting alongside one another, or hanging out together in the barracks. If they get on better you get access to better abilities in battle.

As is the way with one-versus-thousands games, the music in the trailer is a perpetual guitar solo.

Warriors All-Stars releases in Europe on September 1 2017 for PS4 and PC.