Black Powder Red Earth is a new multiplayer-only FPS that combines stylised visuals and fast-moving tactical action with a persistent virtual marketplace and social network.

The game is co-designed by former US Special Operations Forces members and private security contractors with operational experience in 32 countries on four continents.

Set on Mars in the year 2043, players take on the role of mercenary soldiers executing contracts for warring corporations using bleeding edge weapons in hi-tech team based battles for virtual currency that can be used in-game to purchase new weapons, upgrades, armour and tactical enhancements.

As players become more experienced they will be able to open their own mercenary franchises, providing a base for recruiting other players and the ability to open their own storefronts to generate cash from new players in the game.

The virtual marketplace will be accessible from any web-enabled device, meaning players don't have to be in-front of their computer to keep tabs on enterprises.

Black Powder Red Earth is currently without a release date, but you'll find a teaser trailer over on Pro-G TV.