A sample page from the latest issue of Nintendo Power magazine has been released, offering a few snippets of info on THQ's upcoming sequel, de Blob: The Underground.

The new game will feature new moves, new enemies, new 2D platforming sections and new two-player action.

The Wii game begins with Blob relaxing on the tropical resort of Paradise Island. It's not long, however, before Blob and his robot ally, Pinky, head to Prisma City, where they discover that Comrade Black is back is once again up to no good. Black has brainwashed the city's people and it's up to Blob to set things right and return the colour to Prisma City.

The first game was surprisingly good, feeling close to something you'd expect to have come direct from Nintendo, and we have high hopes for the colourful sequel. It'll be out later this year on Wii and DS.