The latest Humble Indie Bundle has gone live, this time dedicating itself solely to wonderful strategy title Frozen Synapse.

Frozen Synapse is a particularly devilish turn-based strategy game, which has you and an opponent fighting it out with a little squad of unfortunate chaps who will inevitably get blown to smithereens. Neon loves it, and that's good enough for me.

Customers can decide how they want to divide the money between the developers, the Humble Indie Bundle itself, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play.

As always, the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle supports Windows, Mac, and Linux and does not include DRM of any variety.

If you choose to pay above the average, which is $4.55 (£2.89) at time of writing, you'll also receive the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle, which includes five games - Trine, Shadowgrounds: Survivor, Shadowgrounds, Splot, and Jack Claw.

Splot is still under development, and customers will get access to it once completed. Jack Claw is a working prototype, but was cancelled before it was ever finished.