If you've been able to pick up a PS3 already, there's plenty available in stores if you want one, then you can already expand the content for two of Sony's first-party launch titles.

New battle dress should be available for Genji, while some new decal packs are there for RR7 fans. There's much more on the way too, including 14 downloadable decal packs and 25 special events for RR7 over the course of April and May.

Sony's big two launch titles will also be treated to some new content. In April MotorStorm gains a free Time Trial mode, something that should have been included on the retail disc but still a nice addition, and Resistance gains two new playable maps: Westmorland and Camborn.

There's also the promise of more MotorStorm content later in the month, including more tracks, vehicles and game modes, plus regular content thereafter.