SEGA has today announced Stormrise, a new console specific RTS from The Creative Assembly, creators of the award-winning Total War franchise.

Stormrise is set on a bleak and barren earth, devastated by a catastrophic event centuries ago and sees the Echelon and the Sai battling to survive in a hostile and uninhabitable wasteland.

The Echelon are a superior technological people who survived through self-induced hibernations, whilst the Sai - a tribal faction - exist because of their ability to adapt to their surroundings.

Players will lead troops from the front line, rather than the more traditional RTS approach of controlling units from a detached view point. Stormrise will also allow players to command units in the air, across rooftops, on the earth's surface and underground. This vertical gameplay is said to task players with mastering new strategies to claim victory.

"The Creative Assembly have proven their general leadership in developing RTS games through the award winning 'Total War' series on PC", commented Gary Knight, European Marketing Director, SEGA Europe. "However, Stormrise has been built from the ground up specifically for high def consoles to provide a more intense, frenetic style of game that, coupled with the all new control mechanic, will revolutionise the way RTS games are played."

Stormrise is in development at The Creative Assembly's Australia studio and is scheduled for release in 2009.