Update: We just posted this and then saw the Need For Speed account has also just teased a name reveal for later this week. Cheers, everyone.

The official Need For Speed Twitter account yesterday posted 'Let's get this party started shall we?' along with an image of a skyline obscured by cloud. Prevailing opinion is that this is a teaser for the location of the next Need for Speed game, and that it is of Seattle.

People think it's Seattle because one of the things you can clearly make out on the right is a tower, and everyone knows about the Space Needle in Seattle, if only because Frasier is endlessly repeated on Channel 4. Here's a desaturated version of the image helpfully posted by another user.

As you can see, they're of the opinion that the setting is Las Vegas, because if you ignore the tower red herring you'll see the rest of the skyline closely matches the ridiculous silhouette that is the collection of Vegas hotels. Vegas also has an observation tower.

We agree with this assessment. Next Need for Speed set in Las Vegas: confirmed. Kind of. A fictional version of it, at least.

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