Fortnite was the topic of conversation on This Morning earlier today, when a mother dropped by the studio to chat to hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby about her son's moody behaviour, apparently as a result of playing Epic Games' battle royale title.

Speaking in a segment titled 'Is Fortnite endangering our teens?' Suzanne notes how her 10-year-old son has stopped socialising since playing Fortnite, and is also prone to throwing a wobbly when told to get off it. As a result, she's called for the game's age rating to be increased, despite the fact it already carries a 12+ certificate, which means her son's too young to be playing it anyway. 

Viewers were pretty miffed with Suzanne's argument, with many taking to Twitter (via DigitalSpy) to simply point out that she would be better off stopping her son from playing Fortnite instead of blaming the game for his behaviour. 

We've included a video of the segment below, so tuck in. In addition, celebrate the fact that Fortnite is now Twitch's most watched video game. 

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