Kinect for Xbox 360 has been a huge success for Microsoft, with over eight million units shipped to retailers worldwide by the end of the 2010 holiday season, and bedroom coders have been hard at work to see what else the device is capable off.

Soon, though, these hackers will have access to official Windows drivers, according to a WinRumours report.

WinRumors states that Microsoft is readying an official SDK and Kinect drivers for Windows, with support set to be unveiled in the coming months. Third-party developers will then be able to create official games and applications which utilise the technology.

One source claims Kinect support will be incorporated into a forthcoming "Community Technical Preview" of Microsoft's XNA Game Studio tools.

The rumour follows earlier reports that Microsoft will build Kinect/gesture support into Windows 8, and backs up comments from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. The MS big cheese recently said Kinect would come to Windows "in a formal way in the right time".