Microsoft has announced its continued commitment to bringing new and original titles to its Xbox LIVE Arcade service, detailing five titles set to release between now and summer 2008.

Scheduled for release this spring is Braid, a new platformer experience from Independent Games Festival winner and experimental game designer Jonathan Blow. Apparently the game's all about the manipulation of time which enables all manner of platforming rules to be broken.

Now set for a summer 2008 release is The Behemoth's Castle Crashers. The game was originally intended for release early in 2007, later delayed until early 2008 and now delayed a little further to the summer. It's a four-player hack 'n' slash RPG that boasts impressive hand-drawn visuals, similar in style to The Behemoth's first XBLA release, Alien Hominid.

Also set for a summer release are Defense Grid: The Awakening, a new tower defence game designed specifically for XBLA; Go!Go! Break Steady, which offers a blend of puzzle and music gameplay; and Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, an RPG-adventure game from the creators of Penny Arcade and legendary game designer Rob Gilbert.