The MotorStorm Apocalypse multiplayer demo will be released on PSN today, giving PS3 gamers the opportunity to sample online racing action for seven days.

You've got from today until Wednesday July 6 to get in on the action, including 16-player online races and 2-player split screen. The demo features three of the full game's 35 online races:

The Mile High Club: Smash through offices and across the sides of downed skyscrapers in a lunatic adventure over the breathtaking rooftops.

End of the Line: A gigantic rift has ripped the subway system open...and MotorStorm is holding races in it! Barrel through the fiery subway tunnels and into the rifts themselves as crazy looters attack and trains bail straight into the station.

Ship Shape: An abandoned shipyard is the perfect playground for intense, high-speed action-racing, where there's little room (but plenty of opportunity) for costly mistakes.

The demo also features five of the 13 vehicle types from the full game, including the Superbike, Buggy, Supercar, Racing Truck and Big Rig.


If you're yet to give MotorStorm Apocalypse a try then you should grab the demo at your first opportunity. Jamin thought it was really rather good, as he explained in his MotorStorm Apocalypse review.