Mortal Shell gets first gameplay trailer and a beta next month

Mortal Shell gets first gameplay trailer and a beta next month
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Souls-like Mortal Shell got its first gameplay trailer last night, showing off some of the upcoming action-RPG's combat in action, as well as more information on how the game's 'shells' – the human-esque forms your soul will inhabit during your adventure that will determine your class – will work.

Speaking in an interview with IGN as part of their Summer of Gaming event, developer Cold Symmetry revealed that these shells will each have their own lore and personality, with the more time you spend in one allowing you to upgrade it further. If your health gets knocked down to zero, rather than death you'll be knocked out of the shell and able to inhabit a new one, though there's a limit to how many times you'll be able to do this. For those truly seeking a challenge, it appears you'll even be able to complete the entire game without ever entering a shell, if you so choose.

In addition, Cold Symmetry also revealed that there'll be a closed beta for the game running next month on PC. Running from July 3 to July 10, you'll get the chance to try out two shells and two weapon loadouts – the Hammer and Chisel or the Hallowed Sword as you make your way through an early section of the game. If you're interested on getting in the beta, keys will be handed out through the game's social channels – details of which you can find on the game's official website. 

You can check out the new gameplay trailer for yourself care of IGN below. Mortal Shell is set for release in 'Q3' later this year on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.