EA has today announced Boom Blox Bash Party for Wii, the sequel to the acclaimed Boom Blox game for Wii. In collaboration with Steven Spielberg, Boom Blox Bash Party promises to take destructive fun to new heights thanks to "richer" multiplayer action and over 400 new levels.

"Boom Blox Bash Party is a wild social gaming experience," said Steven Spielberg. "We know families and friends really enjoyed playing the original Boom Blox together, so we designed more explosive multiplayer experiences with Boom Blox Bash Party."

BB Bash Party will offer twice as many multiplayer challenges as the original game, including team-based challenges. Players can play with or against friends, solo or in teams, knocking down blox and destroying towers.

Fans of the original can also look forward to new blox types, including virus and conveyor blox, new blox shapes, such as cylinders and wedges, and new tools. The game will also feature twists on classic Boom Blox gameplay with players now able to sling, launch and blow the competition away with new cannon, paint ball and slingshot tools.

The wacky Boom Blox cast of characters has also been expanded and they now do more than cheer players on. In BB Bash Party they are now blox themselves.

EA has also revealed that BB Bash Party will enable players to download new levels via the internet, either those created by EA or members of the BB Bash Party community - created using the Create Mode. The expanded Create Mode lets players build and create giving them access to the same tool set the EA development team used to create each and every level in the game!

"In Boom Blox Bash Party we are taking the game elements to the extreme," said Amir Rahimi, senior producer. "In the original Boom Blox, we really focused on perfecting the game's physics so now we can push the boundaries of physics, offering exciting new challenges and completely new ways to play."

Boom Blox Bash Party is scheduled for release in North America and Europe in spring 2009.

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