Modern Wolf is a new publisher focusing on 'strategy and strategy-adjacent indie games', with five titles lined up for release in 2019 and 2020.

Announced in a press release, the publisher sets itself apart by championing ‘ethical game development practices’, a ‘zero tolerance on crunch’, and partnering with studios that ‘are largely underrepresented in this industry’ as its central convictions. 

The five games it is supporting range from simulations, platformers, tactical battlers, and roguelikes. Necronator: Dead Wrong by Toge Productions is a lane defense game with deck-building elements heading to PC, consoles and mobile platforms late this year.

Tasked with maintaining a starship deep in space and employing a wayward crew, Ostranauts by Blue Bottle Games is described as a ‘noir spaceship life sim.’ Another sci-fi entry is Out There: Oceans of Time, the sequel to runaway indie success Out There. Mi-Clos Studio will release the epic interstellar narrative next year under Modern Wolf’s wing. 

Skeleton Crew, by Cinder Core and Smoke and Sacrifice’s creative director, is a dungeon brawler with pinball mechanics where the crew of enemy skeletons can be thrown into other enemies to clear the path. Energy efficient. From the makers of Precipice and Rogue State comes Rogue State Revolution, which will be a geopolitical roguelike thriller in which the player must defend their power as a democratically elected president of a Middle Eastern republic. This will arrive some time in 2021 for PC. 

With Superhot Presents and Modern Wolf, indie developers from all over are receiving a leg up in the industry to help realise their dreams. And that’s wholesome content, folks.

All of these games are previewed in the publisher's Gamescom announcement trailer below. 


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