DICE and NVIDIA have announced that the upcoming PC release of Mirror's Edge will make use of NVIDIA PhysX technology, bringing the game world to life with real affects of wind, weapons impact, and in-game movements.

"Faith's world in Mirror's Edge is visceral, immediate, and very dangerous; it is imperative that the gameplay reflect this level of urgency," said Owen O'Brien, Senior Producer at DICE. "NVIDIA PhysX technology affords us the ability to bring a totally new level of immersion to the game, and by doing so, gamers can truly become part of the world."

Thanks to PhysX every-day objects within the game become part of the overall experience. Cloth, flags, and banners can now impact weapons and players; ground fog interacts with the player's footsteps; explosions fill the air with smoke and debris; and weapon impacts are enhanced with interactive particles.

PhysX technology is supported by all GeForce 8 Series and higher GPUs.

Mirror's Edge is scheduled for release on PC in January 2009.