Peter Molyneux, head of Lionhead Studios, has given a live gameplay demonstration of virtual boy Milo.

The 15 minute demo took place at the TED Global conference in Oxford, UK and offered a first look at the title since its high profile reveal at E3 2009.

"Cross your fingers in the air now everyone, this is a live demo," said Molyneux (observed by Forbes).

Milo is a boy who has just moved from London to New England, and because his parents both work he often finds himself alone. To amuse himself he'll go into the garden to play, skipping stones and squashing snails.

The demo is said to have been met with moderate excitement, but the Forbes report suggests it was kind of creepy to tell a young boy to squash a snail. Another scene saw Milo rush into his room after a shouting match with his parents over some spilled food. The player was able to help clean up his room with his hands and cheer him up with some kind words.

"You have an awesome house Milo, you shouldn't feel bad," Molyneux's assistant told Milo.

Molyneux told the audience that he wanted to make the game in order to recreate memories he had interacting with his father, but also to inject something personal into games.

"TV, music games, most of media, doesn't include me and I loathe that," said Molyneux. "I wanted to create a character that would notice me and look me in the eye."

It was also revealed that the artificial intelligence behind Milo means that two Milos are the same. His face is fully AI-driven, with lifelike responses including blushing and nostril flaring. Furthermore, the data driving Milo is cloud-based, meaning as more and more people play with him, the smarter and better he'll become.

There's still no word on a release date.

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