The rising cost of video game development has been a much discussed topic since the advent of the latest generation video game consoles; for Midway the cost has been staggering.

According to Midway boss David Zucker the move to next-gen game development has cost the US publisher $300 million.

"We've spent $100m investing in next-generation technology, and $200m on next-generation games," Zucker told MCV. "And we're up to 650 internal development staff across our six studios. We might consider adding another studio but at the moment we're focused on adding to our existing teams. Over the next couple of years that's our focus."

Midway is intending to make great strides in the next-gen marketplace, and intends to double its market share.

"We have been pushing this for two and a half years now, investing a lot and being very heavily focused on next-generation consoles like 360 and PS3," he added. "Really this year it's about gaining market share. We're around two per cent of the market - if we can go to four per cent that would be a huge win for us and it's something we really believe we can do.

Midway has a number of high profile games in the pipeline for next-gen platforms, including Stranglehold, Hour of Victory, Black Site: Area 51, Wheelman and Unreal Tournament 3.