A new games team has been opened by Microsoft to develop "the next instalment in a beloved strategy game franchise", according to numerous job listings posted on the company's website.

Called 'Decisive Games', the new team will bring the unannounced strategy game to "the next generation of gamers around the world", with the game seemingly in development for Xbox and PC.

Halo Wars and Age of Empires are arguably Microsoft's two most popular strategy titles, although the job listings don't offer any hints as to which franchise the team could be working on.

Microsoft re-released Age of Empires 2 on PC in 2013, 14 years after its initial release. The company has yet to announce any future plans for the series.

Age of Empire's original developer Ensemble Studios was closed by Microsoft in 2008 following the completion of Halo Wars.

Source: careers.microsoft.com (via steverulez.co.uk, neogaf.com)

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