An interview with little-known blog Sith Gamer rocketed across the internet over the last week. Revelations from Microsoft's Robbie Bach that the platform holder would be showing off the very secretive Alan Wake and other titles at the upcoming GDC were far too juicy for gamers to ignore. It now turns out that all this teased info has come from the mind of the blogger, Microsoft informing that this interview is entirely fictional.

"...we're saving a lot of stuff for GDC, which is where we plan on showing off some big titles such as Halo Wars and Alan Wake," read the fictional Bach interview.

The fake interview also promised news of LIVE functionality across Vista and Zune plus "a couple spectacular" announcements coming for GDC.

Game Developers Conference 2008 will take place in San Francisco from February 18 through February 22. Let us know in the comments section below what games you want to be shown at GDC.