The major corporate restructure announced by Microsoft earlier today will open up ways to "provide more value" to Xbox customers and partners, and streamline resources to help it "win in this devices and services era", the company has told

In a statement provided to this evening explaining how the restructure will affect its Xbox business, Microsoft said:

"This new structure allows us to move faster and provide more value for our customers and partners with Xbox as well as align our resources to win in this devices and services era.

"The existing IEB leadership will now report into the new Microsoft structure and we remain focused on shipping Xbox One and the amazing experiences we have planned for this holiday."

Microsoft's plan to "win in this devices and services era" suggests that the firm may not be only going after Sony's PlayStation 4 with its upcoming Xbox One, but other rival platforms and services, too.

Microsoft announced changes to its corporate structure this afternoon, appointing Julie Larson-Green as the head of its Devices and Studios Engineering Group, a new group designed to overlook the company's hardware business - including Xbox - and its games, music, video and other entertainment services.

The group replaces Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business, previously headed up by Don Mattrick.

Xbox One goes on sale this November.


Source: Microsoft statement