Kinect Sports Rivals developer Rare has admitted that outputting at a higher native resolution than 720p offers "a big improvement" to a game's visuals.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Rare's executive producer Danny Isaac said: "We actually started at 720p [on Kinect Sports Rivals] and we didn't think we had a problem there. The world still looked lush. The water looked fantastic. We went up to 960 and it got a bit crisper, and I remember looking at it going, 'actually, yeah, that's a big improvement.'"

However, Isaac doesn't believe the jump from 960p to 1080p will offer any real advantage to the typical player.

He continued: "When we went up from 960 to 1080 I was like, well, do you know what? From an actual living room perspective, we couldn't really tell the difference."

Isaac's comments follow days of criticism over Xbox One's power after it was revealed that multiple games would only natively render at 720p on the console - significantly lower than their equivalents on PlayStation 4.

Both Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 render at 720p on Xbox One, and at 1080p and 900p respectively on PS4. It was also confirmed last night that Dead Rising 3 would render at 720p, downgraded from Capcom's initial target of 1080p.

Xbox One launches in the UK on November 22.