The game celebrates the 10th anniversary of the much-loved Metal Slug franchise and features seven arcade perfect conversions, including Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug X, Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug 4, Metal Slug 5 and the eagerly anticipated Metal Slug 6.

"The popularity of Metal Slug, whether it be on home console or Arcade is immense," says Peter Rollinson, Product Manager, Ignition Entertainment. "Utilising the unique control method of Wii, can only enhance the already well loved and familiar gameplay associated with the series."

As well as utilising the unique Wii controller to enhance the gameplay, the games will feature two-player co-op, bonus items, plus other unlockable items such as galleries featuring posters and character art.

The game's due out early in 2007, and will be joined by a PSP version.