Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune's departure from Capcom won't have a negative affect on the development of Mega Man Legends 3, the development team has said.

In an open letter to fans, the development team said: "We realise that events of the past few days have given many of you great cause for concern, and we apologise for taking so long to get back to you.

"We have been reading all of your comments from the past few days, many of them expressions of anxiety and many of encouragement.

"Honestly, though many of us are still a little dazed and confused about all of this, the 'can-do' fire inside us is still burning as hot as ever!

"Not only will the dev team continue on with Legends 3 Project, we will push forward even harder than before to complete Mega Man Legends 3!"

The team concluded: "Together, let's make the best Mega Man Legends ever!"

Mega Man Legends 3 is in development for Nintendo 3DS.

Back in September when Mega Man Legends 3 was officially announced, Inafune described the game as a "dream" project and said no one has been looking forward to the game more than he has.

Skip forward a few months and Inafune has gone and fans are understandably concerned about the game's future.

Usually, the loss of such an important figure in development would be a major blow, but Legends 3's saving grace could be the unique nature of its design - Capcom has chosen to get the community heavily involved with all kinds of decision making. A recent poll tasked fans with choosing a design for the game's new heroine.

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