Despite a Facebook Group with over 37,000 fans clamouring for the game's release, Capcom has confirmed that development of Megaman Legends 3 has 'officially ceased'.

"We are aware of the fan created Facebook page requesting that we resume development of Mega Man Legends 3," Capcom spokesman Brian Keltner told Kotaku. "While Capcom has a built a strong relationship with its community and values their feedback, Mega Man Legends 3 development has officially ceased without plans to resume development."

The Facebook page was set up in reaction to news that the game had been cancelled. Fans thought, however, that if they could rally 100,000 supporters together, Capcom might change its mind. The developer's original justification remains the same, however.

"There are tough realities in this industry that are largely left unpublicized for a good reason - because they're tough," Capcom community liaison Greg Moore wrote when the game was first cancelled. "All games go through a multi-stage approval process, but most games are not brought to the public's attention until that final approval has been met."

"With Mega Man Legends 3, exposing the fans to that process was part of the project's core concept - to show everybody what it really means to create a game. We were all in it together here, for better or worse, and now together we must accept the outcome that many games ultimately face."

Following the news that Mega Man Universe has been put to bed, this final nail in the coffin for Mega Man Legends 3 is likely to distress the poor fans even further.