In order to provide a common link between the films and the upcoming online role-playing game, Warner Bros. announced that they have brought on board some of the actors from the films to provide both their likenesses and voices. As Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Senior Vice President Jason Hall proclaimed: "Since The Matrix Online is the legitimate continuation of the Matrix storyline, we felt that it was imperative to preserve character continuity between this game and the films as much as possible."

Expect Agents to be the common foes

Headed by the distinguished Lawrence Fishburne ("Morpheus" in the films), expect to also encounter the voices of Monica Bellucci ("Persephone"), Mary Alice ("The Oracle"), Lambert Wilson ("The Merovingian"), Harold Perrineau Jr. ("Link"), Harry Lennix ("Locke"), Nona Gaye ("Zee"), Collin Chou ("Seraph"), and Tanveer Atwal ("Sati").

Details of what differentiates The Matrix Online from other titles in the genre have not yet been fully disclosed, however, we will bring further details once they emerge.

For more information on the game, check the official website.