Those hoping to learn more about Halo 5 from Master Chief voice actor Steve Downes are out of luck. Downes, who has voiced Master Chief since 2001, says he knows nothing about the upcoming Xbox One game.

"There's nothing I can divulge to you because, quite frankly, I don't know anything," Downes told OXM.

"Anything I'm saying here is pure speculation, but I thought that trailer they did was very exciting. I think the popular theory is that maybe he's gone rogue, which would not be out of the question given what he went through."

He added: "He's holding Cortana's chip, so it would seem as though there is some desire to reactivate that, but again, it's pure speculation on my part. There are so many different possibilities here. You've got to give the credit to the writers for fleshing out a story with that much depth."

It seems highly probable that Microsoft and 343 Industries will lift the lid on Halo 5 at E3 in June.


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