Nintendo has announced that Mario Sports Mix, a collection of four arcade-style sports games on Wii, will be released across the UK on February 4, 2011.

Play as famous Nintendo characters or challenge your own personalised Mii character to a match of basketball, volleyball, hockey or dodgeball against of the likes of Mario, Peach, Yoshi or Toad.

The games can be played alone or with up to three other players, competing for three different cups: Mushroom, Flower and Star Cup. Along the way to victory a series of mini-games will also be presented:

Feed Pete: A basketball mini-game in which players must grab low-hanging fruits from the ceiling and aim them directly into the mouth of Petey the piranha plant.

Smash Skate: Players have to push other players off a ledge using hockey sticks to perform charged shots.

Bomb-omb Dodge: Dodge bombs that are shot by cannons at each corner of the Dodgeball court.

Harmony Hustle: Different coloured volleyballs are thrown in line with the music onto the court - you must catch the one of your own colour and avoid a multitude of traps and balls to win combo points.

Mario Sports Mix looks like it will be aiming at the same crowd that snapped up the Mario & Sonic titles, only this time gamers are being asked to partake in a series of team games.

We can't say we're overly enthused by the line-up of sports either, but we'll have to wait until the new year before giving a verdict.