Mario Kart 8 is the Wii U's "last chance", an online retailer has told MCV, suggesting that the console's days may be numbered should the upcoming racer fail to rejuvenate sales.

Speaking under condition of anonymity, the 'top buyer' at an online games store is alleged to have said that "there is only one real last chance for Wii U and it is Mario Kart 8. It could still be the game that sparks interest in Wii U, but it would need to be combined with a more mass market retail price."

Other retailers appear to be in agreement, too, with one calling for Nintendo to release a £199 hardware bundle featuring the game.

Nintendo announced last week that it had slashed its fiscal year forecasts for Wii U from 9 million units to 2.8 million units. Both Amazon and Argos later dropped the price of the Wii U Premium to £179.99.

Mario Kart 8 is due to go on sale this spring.

Source: MCV | Issue 772