Freeverse's port of Bungie's Marathon for Xbox LIVE Arcade was released yesterday and is already bringing a new experience to Xbox 360 gamers.

According to reports cropping up all over the internet, many gamers have been hit with a not too pleasant bout of motion sickness brought on by Marathon: Durandal. While the FPS genre is known to cause such problems, such widespread sickness isn't the norm. Joystiq contacted Freeverse for some answers.

"No one at Freeverse, Microsoft, Bungie, VMC or our testing and localization partners reported any motion sickness issues and many of us have logged hundreds of hours of playtime. So we really don't believe the problem is universal. However, a good number of people will experience motion sickness with any FPS," said Bruce Morrison, project lead on the game.

The developer is, however, looking into the matter. For the time being, Morrison does suggest a few things which should reduce the chances of being sick. The first is to set the Camera Bob option to 'on', thus reducing the game's super smooth motion. Morrison also warns against sitting too close to the screen.

Marathon: Durandal is available now on Xbox LIVE Arcade for only 800 Microsoft Points.