Relic has announced that the upcoming 'There is Only War' update will include the official release of World Builder, the Dawn of War II map editor. Players will be able to use this to create, edit and play on their own community-created battlefields.

World Builder lets creators add victory points, power nodes, and requisition points under Urban, Desert, Tyrannoformed, and Jungle map tilesets. It will be possible to deform terrain, place cover objects, choose the weather, and define the size of the map - two, four or six players.

'There is Only War' also introduces new Observer and Referee options which let players watch custom multiplayer games as a spectator, makes significant balance updates to Dawn of War II's multiplayer game, and adds 8 new multiplayer maps bringing the total map count to 18.

World Builder and the other content will be available as part of the 'There is Only War' beta in early July, with the final release scheduled for later in the summer.