US sales figures for August compiled by the NPD group have been released, and it'll be great reading for Electronic Arts. The top three selling games for the month are Madden NFL 09 on 360 (1 million), PS3 (643k) and PS2 (424.5k) respectively. Madden NFL 09 on the Wii took ninth place with 115.8k units sold.

Other games performing well in August included the Wii trio of Wii Fit (394.9K), Mario Kart (328.7K) and Wii Play (200.2K), SoulCalibur IV on Xbox 360 (174K), Xbox 360 exclusive Too Human (168.2K) and Guitar Hero: On Tour for Nintendo DS (111.2K).

Look out for Mercenaries 2, Spore and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed to challenge Madden next month.

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