GameInformer has published a rather extensive interview with Lumines creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi, which covers pretty much all things related to the unique puzzler.

Perhaps the most interesting information to come from the interview is that relating to Lumines Live, the Xbox 360 Live Arcade version of the game. Asked how the game would differ from other versions of Lumines, Mizuguchi said: "Lumines Live will be taking the first step for Lumines to play with a lot of downloadable content, obviously since it's on Xbox Live."

The game won't be a simple port of the PSP original either, "Portions of the main gameplay will carry over to Lumines Live," said Mizuguchi. "It's not exactly a port of the original PSP Lumines game on Xbox Live. There's also the HD component that you'll be able to experience, as well as the sound in 5.1 surround. Some of the tracks will be featured in 5.1."

Being a game on the Xbox 360 it will take advantage of downloadable content - something that many Xbox 360 titles have already made controversial use of. Mizuguchi says that players will be able to "download new tracks, skins, gameplay modes, and art," but at the time of the interview was unable to reveal the price structure for the content. The game will be available in a basic form on the Arcade and it could be that a versus mode will be a premium extra should you want it - "we're still trying to determine if we'll package versus in the base package." said Mizuguchi.

You can check out the full interview, which also discusses Lumines 2 on PSP and Lumines making its way to PS3, over at GameInformer.

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