by on Jun 15, 2020

Little Devil Inside dev apologises for “racist stereotypes” in its enemy design

Neostream, the developer of the adventure title Little Devil Inside, has apologised for the “racist stereotypes” present in its enemy design, and will change these characters accordingly (via IGN).

The latest trailer for the game premiered in The Future of Gaming showcase from Sony. The hero travels all over the world, encountering dragons and sailing on the high seas, in a seemingly Victorian era setting. In the trailer, these tribal characters are barrelling towards the player, and their design has been criticised for their dreadlocks and large lips. 

Neostream will “remove the Dreadlocks,” “change the bold lips,” “change skin tone,” and “tweak the dart blower so it looks less like a joint” so that the design is no longer offensive. If these alterations are not enough, however, then the design will be scrapped and started again.

Little Devil Inside is coming to the PlayStation 5 and PC. 


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Little Devil Inside

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Little Devil Inside

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31 December 2020