Newly revealed Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is currently 30 per cent complete, an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu has revealed (via Andriasang).

This will definitely be Lightning's last game, but she will go out with a happy ending - the interview also confirmed that there will be only one ending.

Unlike your typical Final Fantasy game, Lightning Returns won't take tens of hours to finish, but the experience has been designed to be cleared multiple times.

The game's 13 day limit - that's when the Doomsday Clock hits zero and the world ends - equates to approximately 26 hours, but player actions can increase or decrease the life of the world meaning the game may end sooner. Helping someone in the game may decrease the life of the world, whilst defeating enemies and completing quests will increase the world's life.

The city has clocks everywhere showing exactly how much time is left.

Lightning Returns will be released for Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2013.