Life is Strange developer DONTNOD Entertainment confirmed a sequel to the 2015 game would is coming, but there may be a prequel on the way too, if today's leaked artwork is correct and proper.

A few images have popped up on Imgur, and GameKult fished out a screenshot on American developer Deck Nine Games' website, which has now obviously been taken down.

NeoGAF user J!nx has said that Deck Nine Games (Cool Boarders, Pain) 'has been developing the game for a long time now,' and says it's a prequel involving Maxine's friend Chloe from the first game, and Rachel Amber (the girl from the missing posters in Life is Strange).

Supposedly, this is completely separate to the entry that DONTNOD is working on, and there are rumblings that this will be formally revealed at E3. We don't have a very long time to wait if that is the case. 

In the mean time, you can have a look at the leaked images by clicking below.

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