Dontnod Entertainment has dated the remaining episodes of Life is Strange 2, with the next chapter in the series, Wastelands, arriving on May 9. 

There's a bit of a wait to go until the final two episodes, though, as Episode 4 won't arrive until August 22 and Episode 5 isn't due out until December 3. For the record, that means Life is Strange 2 will have spread its chapters across 15 months, as opposed to the original game's 10 month release schedule.

There's no details on Episode 4 and 5 yet, but Wastelands will see Daniel and Sean reaching California's sprawling redwood forest, where they'll get acquainted with a community of drifters.

'New relationships cause friction between the brothers and raise doubts about their unity. Can they stay together, or will their journey together end here?' says the blurb.

If you haven't played Life is Strange 2 yet, be sure to read Josh's thoughts on the adventure so far in his review-in-progress.


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