The Kickstarter pitch for a Leisure Suit Larry remake has gathered $655,182 from backers, ensuring that the pint-size poon-hound will get his comeback.

The project successfully surpassed its $500,000 target thanks to the efforts of 14,081 users. A further $18,420 was raised via PayPal.

"Ladies and gentleman the clock has stopped," said Replay Games founder Paul Trowe, who worked on the original release. "The Kickstarter pledge program is over, and our grand total for Kickstarter plus PayPal is $673,602!"

"We are blown away," he added, thankfully declining the opportunity to make a smutty pun.

The remake of the original Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards will now come to PC, OS X, iOS and Android. Replay had previously said that they might bring the game to XBLA and PSN if they received enough donations, but there's no further word on this at present.