Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games have announced they are teaming up with The LEGO Group to create LEGO Battles for Nintendo DS.

LEGO Battles is based on six classic play scenarios including LEGO Castle, LEGO Pirates and LEGO Space and promises to pull these themes together to create a unique gaming experience that also stays true to the customisation and humour that are the foundation of LEGO video games.

Featuring "build and battle" gameplay, players will build their own LEGO bases and battle teams as they engage in over 70 different levels, mixing and mazing units to create the ultimate LEGO squad. The customisation element will enable teams to feature pirate swordsmen fighting side-by-side with wizards and aliens; dragons battling ninjas; and pirate ships battling against spacecraft and knights. Wireless multiplayer modes will also be available.

LEGO Battles is scheduled for release on Nintendo DS this summer.