Images pertaining to be of a next-generation Xbox dev kit are real, according to a new report.

Anonymous developers close to Digital Foundry claim that a forum post containing images of the leaked hardware is accurate, and confirmed that dev kits for Durango (the codename for the next-generation Xbox) were delivered to development studios back in February.

The blurred photos of the dev kit first appeared on a developer forum, where the poster tried to sell it for $10,000.

The images feature an anonymous tower-based piece of hardware and shots of a Matrix-style image behind a 'Durango' debug launcher.

The poster also claims that the kit contains 8GB of RAM, an Nvidia GPU and an Intel processor.

However, the tech may not be representative of final retail hardware for the next-generation Xbox.

Digital Foundry points out that "dev hardware typically features double the RAM of retail kit in order to accommodate debugging tools and other systems".

Last month, a document alleging to outline Microsoft's strategy for its next-generation surfaced online. Microsoft later claimed ownership of the document.

Microsoft has yet to announce its plans for its next-generation Xbox.