Images leaked by a design company that has worked with developer Turn 10 and Microsoft have apparently confirmed the existence of Forza 3.

First spotted by forum posters on, four sample Forza Race Event posters popped up on the website of Kaarbo Design, a design studio that specialises in PC and next generation console user interfaces.

According to its website, Kaarbo worked on the original Forza, and lists Microsoft as well as Turn 10 as its clients.

Predictably, the posters have been pulled by Kaarbo. However, someone over at Forzacentral cleverly took a screen grab, meaning you can check them out here.

The posters provide the strongest indication yet that the game is not only in the works but also has Turn 10, the studio responsible for the excellent Forza and Forza 2, directing development - news that is sure to please the series' army of fans.

This isn't the first Forza 3 related leak the internet has drummed up. Back in June 2008, the infamous Intellisponse leak, which broke the existence of Xbox Avatars before they were officially announced at E3, also brought word that Forza 3 would ship on two discs, have some sort of "assist system", will come with 400 cars and 100 tracks and will have car deformation.

We love Forza here at The Xbox original scored an impressive 9/10 in our review, and the Xbox 360 follow-up didn't disappoint either, equalling its predecessor with another 9/10. There's no reason to suggest Forza 3, which now looks like a dead cert to hit stores this year, will be anything but brilliant too.

We've asked Microsoft for comment, and are awaiting response.