League of Legends just might be the most popular PC game in the whole world, racking up over 1.2 billion hours of gameplay in the last 12 months according to new data from gaming tool Xfire.

Xfire, which tracks PC gaming habits, released the figures on Forbes with the aid of gaming research firm DFC Intelligence. The figures were calculated using playtime from registered US and EU Xfire users, so it's almost guaranteed that the figures will be higher in the real world.

In second place was World of Warcraft, which registered over 600 million hours logged. The list also featured Battlefield 3, MapleStory, World of Tanks and Minecraft.

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Meanwhile, most of Xfire's data was so staggering I couldn't even process its numbers in my brain at first. Here's the full list:

  • League of Legends 1,292,502,456
  • World of Warcraft 622,378,909
  • Minecraft 371,635,651
  • Heroes of Newerth 184,520,156
  • Diablo III 172,907,605
  • Battlefield 3 171,852,550
  • MapleStory 165,503,651
  • StarCraft II 163,980,293
  • World Of Tanks 145,702,931
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 126,754,082